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Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Optimize, Monetize, Monopolizes

Social Media, Website Development, Digital Marketing SEO,SERP, ADOHM, NLP-AI, Hi-Tech Advancements, Machine Learning, AWS Cloud, Static-Dynamic Data Efficiency, Lead Generator, Data Analysis, Beta Testing, Block Chain, Web Master, Advanced Web Optimization, Holograms, Virtual World Ads, Film & Treatment Production, Sfx…

Technology Apprehension, and Custom Packages.

Phase 1

Social Media Emphasis

$300/mthly maint. $200

Social Media Design Compilation

Phase 2

Website Launch

$700/mthly maint. $500

Phase 3

Global Apprehension

$1200/mthly maint. $500

The Phase

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Phase – 1

-All social media platform startup FB, IG,Twitter

-Group Activity Awareness

-Business Account Launch

Phase – 2

-Advanced Social Media Integration

-Website Launch

Phase – 3

-Website Optimization

-Application Implementation for Global distribution or awareness

-Unconventional Technology Apprehension Sync

Phase 4Custom Package

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